What They're Saying!!

"Always Our First Call When WCCQ Wants To Put Together A Great Event!"
- WCCQ Radio, Roy Gregory, Morning Disc Jockey and Program Director

"HOT! HOT! HOT! Frank Paul & his band are on fire!"
- US 99 Chicago Country Magazine

"Frank Looks Like He Was Born & Raised On Stage!"
- Preshias Thomes, Cleveland Country News, Nashville division

"Frank Paul Puts On A Great Show!"
- US 99 Radio, Chicago, Illinois

"Frank Paul, Living Up To His Band's Album Title, Country With An Attitude,
Oughta Reel In Any Chicago Country Fan Within A 40-Mile Radius."

- Gwen Ihnat, Illinois Entertainer

"My Grade Is "A".....Frank Pauls Music Is Vocally Strong, Lyrically Smart, And
Musically Top Notch!"

- David Alan Buco, The Beat Magazine

"A Great Signer, Songwriter & Performer All Rolled Into One!"
- Pepper Thom, Panorama Magazine

"Non-Stop, Rebel Rousing, Beer Drinkin' Fun!"
- Performance Recording, Marty Bilecki-Owner

"Frank Paul.....Incredible Vocal Talents....."
- Pat Borowicz, Country Connection Magazine

"Win In The End.....Great Song And Cool Video!"
- Buzz Ledford, Step One Records

"The Best I've Seen Since Garth Brooks.....Non-Stop, Entertainment!"
- WKGA Radio, Candice Porten

"My Line Dance To Frank Paul's Song, Country With An Attitude, Was Featured In The World Dance Competition!"
- Scott Blevins, Nashville D.J. & Dance Instructor Of The Year


Frank Paul, Independent Artist Review 2007

Frank Paul is a dynamic country/pop singer who knows how to make it all look (and sound) easy on stage. Paul has opened for several major country acts and to do that well enough to get asked back you not only have to be good you have to be able to ‘sell it’. And Frank Paul gets it done.

On "Country with an Attitude" Paul rides right on that creative edge. This tune is a three-pitchers-and-what-are you-looking-at bar brawl song and is a lot of fun. It is nothing we haven’t heard before, but with Paul’s very fine voice and the clean, full sound of a country ‘garage band’ accompaniment this one makes it out of there with bottles flying overhead, just before closing time. Heck, I can even hear it blaring from the dashboards of a parking lot full of F-150s’ flinging gravel and headed out to the party at the lake!

Paul puts forth an expressive and earnest vocal in the country flavored song titled "Little Child", a nice tune that drifts over into the Christian music genre (where Frank Paul also has a presence). This song is bolstered by excellent vocals and arrangement.

"It Ain’t You" is the best of what I heard. It is a quality song, from the punchy, bright instrumentation to the very well modulated vocal. It begins with a sonically cool, tight, guitar intro that builds anticipation and keeps that riff echoing throughout the song. It also adds sharp, tasty guitar leads at the break and also as an integral component of the ‘outro’. Paul equals the energy of this production with his nicely presented vocal sung with just the right sense of anxiety, loss and emotion.

Frank Paul has a terrific voice with range and control and he seems to have a keen sense of where he wants to go musically.

PJ Engeman - 2007