Frank Paul -  Singer/Songwriter

With a look reminiscent of the matinee idols, Frank Paul "slides right into the groove" truly defining his song "Country with an Attitude." The diversity in his instrumental, songwriting and vocal abilities find this Prairie State native easily transitioning throughout the modern country, pop/rock and inspirational formats. "Music is all I know," says Frank. "I've been playing since age four and I have been truly blessed with a family that has supported me musically and they're the fuel that keeps me going."

On stage today, Frank is perfectly at home behind the guitar and microphone, but that wasn't his original forte in the performance arena. "I started on drums but had way too much energy to be stationary while I sang, so I transitioned to the guitar."

While Frank is in the spotlight on his shows, his entire family gets involved in the entertainment process. "My dad and my wife have helped me craft some great songs. But my son Jackson, now there's a true entertainer," laughs Frank. "When I'm not on the road, I'm jamming with Jackson in the living room."

From his living room to your ear buds, word quickly spread and his viral appeal landed him performances across the continental states and Hawaii. Frank's previous independent album landed "Best Album of the Year" at the Chicago Music Awards. "A rock group I was drumming with nearly landed a record deal with Interscope, but I'm glad to have chosen the paths that have led me to this position." While Frank has a lot of rock influences including U2, Journey and "The King" Elvis Presley, he was also reared on the tunesmiths Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty, George Strait and Garth Brooks. "Music connects with listeners in such unique ways and I love to watch that experience unfold when I'm on stage. I'm looking forward to branching out to a broader audience and developing opportunities to connect with new songwriters." By continuing to craft hooks and melodies that will have you out of your seat and dancing along, Frank is certainly pursuing his motto---Mark 9:23 "All things are possible if you believe." "There is nothing that brings more excitement to my life than when those first notes ring out at the beginning of a show. The connection that immediately merges me with the audience is euphoric."

Produced by: Frank Paul


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Genre: Country

Track Listing:

  1. It Ain't You
  2. Faces
  3. You & I
  4. Little Child
  5. Watching Sunsets With You
  6. Country With An Attitude
  7. Forever And A Day
  8. I'm Goin' Sailing
  9. I'm Trying
  10. In Faith
  11. Win In The End
  12. You & I (Instrumental Bonus Track)