Frank Paul - Contemporary Christian
Mark 9:23 "All things are possible if you believe."

Although being raised Catholic Frank attributes being “saved” after reading the book “Power For Living”. He states, “ I always felt like something was missing and that book really changed my life. Let God do it his way, not mine.” .. And that is just what happened. After getting on his knees and giving his life to Christ, Frank’s life has changed. Always feeling like God “wired him for music”, Frank now focuses on his Love of performing and writing Christian music. .. Since April 4th, 2001 (a day Frank says he will never forget when he penned three of his songs in one day) Frank now has completed his CD “The Journey”, appropriately named for his own spiritual journey.

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Produced by: Mark Dreyer


Price: $12.00
Shipping & handling: $2.00

Genre: Christian

Track Listing:

  1. Walk In Your Ways
  2. Shine On Me Oh Lord
  3. We Are Saved By His Grace
  4. Christ You Are
  5. There Is A Love
  6. Lord Fill My Soul
  7. To The Father Through The Son
  8. Veil Over My Eyes
  9. They Need To Know
  10. I'll Always

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